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Porsche 944/968/928 Dark-Gauges Light Repair Kit


Product Description

928/944/968 1986-1993
This is a cluster panel illumination repair kit. 100'S of Satisfied Customers!

Is your cluster panel light is barely visible?
No longer bright and beautiful like it was in the showroom?
This Repair Kit Is Just For You.

illumination repair kit. 100'S sold! Not too many people know how beautiful a 928/944/968 VDO cluster panel could be at night. Looking on their dark-lit panel, people wonder- "Why did Porsche produce such garbage?" Well...they didn't. The 944 VDO cluster panel has 3 optical-elements, which control the ambient light inside the cluster. The glazing on the elements has faded away and cracked in 90% of 928/944/968 cars. As a result, the elements are no longer capable of transferring light correctly, making the panel unreasonably dark. 9xauto’s repair kit will address all these problems by re-facing these optical elements with proper material and seal the light inside. However, you must remove the cluster to work on it. No paint or disassembly of the cluster will be required. You need to have heavy-duty scissors, a sharp blade, and a few drops of epoxy cement. The rest will be supplied in the kit. The instrument cluster can be removed by removing brown plastic dash bezel with right side vents. To remove bezel, unscrew 2 screws on the right in the middle of the vents and 3 screws on the top above instrument cluster. Exposed instrument cluster is held by 4 visible screws. After removing these screws instrument cluster must be unhooked from the harness. To do that pull instrument cluster forward so your right hand can slip behind. There you'll find 3 flat cables terminated with flat computer type connections. Pull them away from the cluster. Remember, these connectors are held by side hooks latch on the cluster. If you squeeze these hook-type levers, the connector will be forced out of connectors.


We will also include 3W 3 OEM bulbs for your cluster elements.

If you decide to purchase this kit, please download your Adobe Acrobat format installation instructions. These instructions will not be included in the kit. Instructions Click here

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