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Why Porsche?

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Every car guy usually picks his poison early in life.  You know them well, Chevy guys, BMW guys, Ford guys.  I just happened to become a Porsche guy.  It happened quickly and without notice.  With my learner's permit in hand, there I was in the middle of a busy Brooklyn intersection trying to find the friction point on my dad's silver '87 944.  The car stalled right in the middle of the road. With angry Brooklyn drivers zooming between me, I restarted the car, and in three seconds flat I found that friction point.  That was it for me.  There was no other car that made me feel like I lived inside an action movie, even when it was parked.

Sure I've driven a lot of other cars - and yes they have their moments.  But none of them felt like driving that Porsche.

In our attempt to share these feelings with you, we'll be writing about all things Porsche on this blog.  

Some of the cars we've owned through the years:

1. '87 944 N/A

2. '74 914 1.8L

3. '79 930 Turbo

4. '75 914 2.0L

5. '84 944 N/A

6. '92 968

7. '87 911 G50

8. '01 Boxster

9. '84 928 S

10. '08 Cayman S

Stay tuned for more Porsche madness!

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